Sunday, January 21, 2007

Six more flavors

I'm hoping last night was the last round of tasting. (If you recognize the burden that eating so much ice cream represents, you may post your sympathies in the comments section)

  • Chocolate selva negra (Black Forest chocolate, i.e. chocolate with cherries)
  • Pera (pear)
  • Dulce de leche granizado (dulce de leche with chocolate chips)
  • Chocolate con pasas de uva (chocolate with rum-soaked raisins)
  • Durazno (peach)
  • Banana con dulce de leche (guess)
We only went to three ice cream shops.

The revelation of the evening was banana con dulce de leche -- the clear winner. It made me want to go buy a bunch of price-controlled bananas and an econo-size tub of dulce de leche. (Although, if anyone from immigration asks, I always have dulce de leche in my apartment, OK? ALWAYS.)

I noticed there were a lot of 60-something and 70-something women getting ice cream last night. Only today did I realize why: There was a huge fútbol game (Boca vs. River). The men stayed home or went to the bar to watch the match; the women went out for ice cream.

Well, the women and me.


Doug said...

When you're in the US and you have no choice but to buy packaged ice cream in a supermarket, what brands do you like?

Dan said...

I didn't buy a lot of ice cream to eat at home, but when I did I would almost always buy Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby. In 2005 when I was back, I was introduced to Capogiro, which is mighty fine and, according to the site, not too hard to find in NYC.

When I was back this past summer, I think I bought ice cream once, just because we made so damn much of it ! Probably two or three times a month -- honey, black raspberry, peach, strawberry, chocolate, olive oil . . . mmm. . . olive oil ice cream. Now that is something I haven't seen in BsAs.

Doug said...

Have you ever heard of black sesame ice cream? Had some in China town NYC and I have to say, it was tasty. Almost like a chocolate chip ice cream with a bit of a lite peanut butter flavor, if that makes any sense??

Never would have thought, but even my picky--I'm coming around the virtues of Asian food, but still doesn't like curry even on her best night--wife really liked it too.

If you've never had black sesame ice cream before, I can safely say it's the only flavor I have had, you have not.

Dan said...

You got me -- I have heard of black sesame ice cream, but don't think I've ever had it.