Thursday, January 25, 2007

Every other Wednesday

I am very lucky to have a found a farm that delivers organic vegetables. (Since ice cream shops also deliver, you might reasonably ask why I would ever leave my apartment. The answer is that I don't.)

I tried a few other vegetable delivery schemes before I found the people I order from now. Some of the others are middlemen who don't grow the vegetables, some are expensive, some aren't that great, and some are combinations of the three.

The place I order from -- La Parcela -- grows what they sell me, is not expensive and, the best part, is a social and educational program that teaches people how to grow organically and promotes sustainable agriculture.

The vegetable delivery scheme I had in Chicago delivered every week. The first time I ordered from La Parcela, I scarfed down an entire delivery's worth of vegetables and called the next week to place my order, only to find the somewhat surprised voice on the other end tell me, "The deliveries are every two weeks."

I hope they at least got a good laugh out of imagining the foreigner turning green from eating so much arugula.

Now that I've got it down I can usually stretch the delivery to last the better part of two weeks.

One thing they do with the greens that certain readers might appreciate is they bunch them together neatly, all facing the same direction. If you don't want the stems, you just chop them off and you're ready to go. No picking through an entire bag of loose greens to de-stem them!