Sunday, December 30, 2007


Stu and I headed west to wine country for four days, but the trip is over now. I'm leaving Mendoza for Buenos Aires in a few hours. I'll be back home tomorrow morning.

Yesterday brought a full day of horseback riding in the foothills of the Andes. I am so sore. I have aches in places I didn't even know I had places.

I was without my trusty MacBook, so I had to forgo blogging this past week. But I'll be back in the saddle again shortly.

I've been blogging for a year now. When I started, I told myself I would give it a few months and see how it went. Then I told myself I would give it a year. I'm not sure how much longer I'll keep at it, but this blog has at least three more months left at any rate.

Happy new year and thank you for reading.


mo said...

You must keep going. Your blogging makes me laugh a lot, in a good way. plus, i like the pretty pix.

Sarah said...

Ditto. Your fans need you, Dan.

Lor said...

Mendoza is where my family is from. In April I'm going to go for a cousin's wedding and I'm so excited. I haven't been back to Argentina in 10 years. I've also never been to an Argentinian wedding either, so it should be interesting.
And yes, you must keep blogging. I faithfully read your blog and its part of my morning routine.

Dan said...

Thanks for the kind words.

The thing is, I'll be moving back to the States. And when I do, I'll probably be without a job until the farmers market season kicks in.

Without kooky foreigners or fruit, what's there to blog about?

Also, it would be nice to find a way to make money on some incarnation of Fruit Slinger — a magazine article or something. That might preclude a free blog.

But . . . that's probably a pipe dream.

The most likely outcome is that I fill one blog or another with self consciously navel-gazing drivel for two months while I wait for strawberry season, and then write another four or five months of Fruit Slinger until I completely run that concept into the ground.

Don't say I didn't warn you.