Saturday, December 1, 2007

Diego Felix

The "closed-door" restaurant I blogged about way back in March is in the New York Times Style magazine this weekend, effectively throwing open the doors.

It had only been open a few weeks when I went with Joel, my erstwhile rakish dining companion and man about many towns.

I'm happy to see the restaurant succeed. Diego was a pretty cool guy. I have no way of knowing if success has spoiled it, but I suspect success has changed it. And I'm glad I went when I did.

In more personal terms, it makes me slightly queasy to think about what the writer probably made selling this piece to the Times, a piece that mentions half a dozen spots within a 30-minute walk from my apartment.

Can I just make something absolutely clear? I can be bought. I will sell out, I will sell out big-time, I will sell out cheap, and I will sell out before you can even finish your sentence asking me to sell out.

The site for the restaurant: Diego Felix.

The New York Times article. (Warning: annoying Flash presentation. Diego Felix is No. 2 on the map.)


Wobbly Librarian said...

Yes, that should have been you! Here's Dan's fan club clamoring for in-print stuff.

Anonymous said...

Is this what poverty does to people? I might have to sign up soon haha