Friday, April 13, 2007

Café cortado

Yesterday I paid a visit to the place that serves what I have long thought to be the best coffee in Buenos Aires. Probably the best-looking, too.


doug said...

If you only want one of the layers, can you custom order?

It gets me back to the earlier post on the Starbucks coffee. They are able to customize my coffee exactly how I want it. When I'm dehydrated and need water to stay conscience, I just walk up to the counter and ask for a "coffee."

sarah said...

where's this coffee from?? (no need to actually post this one - i'm just on your blog, so easier to ask this way!)

Dan said...

Doug - I'm not sure this conversation can continue until you acknowledge the awesomeness that is this coffee! Four layers of awesomeness! (p.s. I just learned that you can ask the poor slob at Starbucks to French press a cup of coffee for you. Needless to say, you won't exactly be their favorite person.)

Sarah - It's Providencia, where I hadn't been in ages -- and didn't want to go after it was in the NYT. There were more farners there than before, but it was still pretty great.

doug said...

Sarah...what happens on the blog, stays on the blog.

I do submit; the coffee looks awesome. Which reminds me...I do enjoy my iced coffee in the summer. I've never had the pleasure, but a friend told me once about the best cup of iced coffee he'd ever had. The ice cubes were frozen coffee. Seems like no-brainer and I'm not sure why it isn't done more often?!