Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sweet union

This new building down the street is a pastry school, part of the STPCPHYA.

To unravel that string of letters: It's the cake bakers, candy makers, pizza makers, ice cream makers and alfajor makers union.

What's an alfajor? There are variations on the theme, but it's essentially a dulce de leche cookie sandwich. Because I do not have one at hand, this linked photo that I did not take will have to suffice.

I am supposed to get a batch of homemade alfajores with my vegetable delivery tomorrow. They are not strictly speaking vegetables, true, but they do provide 100% of your recommended daily serving of dulce de leche.


Doug said...

Alfajor Union? Does this mean that when I buy a $1 alfajor cookie .50cents on that dollar is going toward legacy health costs for retired alfajor workers?

If that is the case, I might start buying Japanese alfajor's.

Sarah said...

uum, alfajores. i hadn't thought about those treats in ages! definitely an argentine delicacy not to be missed.

plop a candle in one of those suckers in celebration of your pending 30th birthday!! feliz cumpleanos, dan :)