Thursday, April 5, 2007

You know you're from BsAs if . . .

Sure, you could make a list like this for every city and I don't generally go in for such lists, but this one is pretty great.


  • You can, at all times, find a heladería within 3 blocks
  • In your barrio, there are more people on the streets at 3am than 3pm
  • You generally communicate better in gestures than actually conversing
  • You know the attractive women all over Palermo Hollywood are really men, but that's OK
  • A bar at a car wash, a Kosher McDonald's, and a Museo del Jamón all seem to make sense, somehow
  • You eat sandwiches without crusts, pizza with a knife and fork and empanadas with your fingers*
  • Your swear words include colorful descriptions of the birthing process and the private parts of a parrot
  • You know all the parts of a cow and you're not a butcher or a veterinarian
*Eating pizza with your hands? TOTAL foreigner move. Also, plunging your face into your ice cream cone instead of using the provided spoon? Why not just drape an American flag across your back?

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