Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fruit slinger

In a week, I'm leaving Buenos Aires and going to Chicago for several months.

The bad news: The World's First Expat Blog will be on hiatus while I'm gone.

The good news: Blogging on the Internet has replaced blogging in my head as my favorite way to blog. So I'm going to keep at it.

You'll be able to find me at Fruit Slinger. I'll be blogging as I work for one amazing farm, selling strawberries, cherries, blueberries, plums, peaches, nectarines, a dozen kinds of melons, two dozen kinds of apples, half a dozen types of pears and probably something else I'm forgetting.

I know, I know. . . You're looking at that list and thinking: What about apricots? They were pretty much wiped out this year by a late cold snap. It's very sad.

Anyone interested in farmers markets, sustainable agriculture, cooking, food, hilarity, or killing time at work might find Fruit Slinger worth a visit. Tell your friends!

Because I'll be without a computer for a bit, there'll be a break of a week or two before the first stirrings on Fruit Slinger.

Meanwhile, I'd enjoy hearing from you in the comments section. No registration is required and you would be saving me a lot of trouble by posting. Otherwise I'm going to have to go in and add comments myself using different identities to avoid looking like a tool with a blog almost no one reads. . . . even though, yes, I am a tool with a blog that almost no one reads -- well, now two blogs.

* * *

Before I get to Chicago, I'll be in New York for the wedding of a friend of mine from journalism school. We met on the first day of college 12 years ago. Now she's a big-time magazine editor in New York City. A few months ago, I was reflecting on this aloud to Joel:

"You know, it's funny. I'm not really sure what happened. When we were in school, we were both very career-focused. We were both ambitious. She took that ambition and turned it into a successful magazine career. And me? I took that ambition and turned it into . . . "

". . . a blog," Joel cracked.

Well, now two blogs.


Dennis Rodman said...

OK, big guy. So you are looking for comments. Fine, I'll stop lurking. You have to understand how intimidating it is to add content to such a cutting-edge, iconoclastic blog. I mean, why spoil perfection? I'm sure the other hordes of lurkers here share my feelings. Well, you asked, so I'll try my best.

Dan de Buenos Aires, please answer the following query which your multitudes are, I'm sure, begging for an answer: why are you becoming Dan de Wisconsin? More specifically, why in the hell would anyone in their right mind ever want to ditch civilization and live in a rural area away from urban attractions and cosmopolitan restaurants (not to mention Argentine dogshit)? Oh wait.

Doug said...

Are there hookers in Chicago's farmers markets?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you'll be on BA hiatus... but keep us informed about the wonderful world of fruit in the meantime...

Dan said...

Mr. Rodman - For what it's worth I'll be spending the bulk of my time in the city. The farm is about three hours away in Michigan. Having to start work at the markets in the city at 5.30/6am means that beginning the day on the farm would require my getting up at 3am and then driving three hours. There are people at the markets who do this, but I'm not one of them.

Doug - I got nothin'.