Friday, May 4, 2007

Side of beef

A few times a week I see the refrigerated trucks delivering beef to the markets and butcher shops. When I was taking this photo, I'm sure the people waiting at the bus stop off my left shoulder were wondering what the hell I was doing. It's hard. . . . You want to say something to them, but at the same time it's pointless. I look like an ordinary citizen. Who would believe I have my own blog?

I personally have no problem with the photo, but I decided it didn't quite pass what we called the "cornflakes test" back when I was silly enough to work at a newspaper. That is, it's not necessarily the kind of thing you would want to see while you were eating breakfast, at least not without knowing what you were getting into.

The full-size version is on Flickr.

About 15 years ago, 95% of beef here was distributed like this, with only 5% being delivered in pre-cut pieces. The ratio has since shifted to something like 75%/25%.

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