Monday, May 7, 2007

5 steps to understanding this poster

1. There is a massive citywide, government-sponsored poster campaign (as mentioned in a previous post) ostensibly promoting peace, unity and clean sidewalks but lately being used mostly as a tool by the mayor -- Jorge Telerman -- for self-aggrandizement in the run-up to mayoral elections.

2. The posters are done in a sharp and consistent style.

3. The mayor has been accused -- by a political opponent -- of corruption in a case known as the Skanska case.

4. The mayor's opponents have appropriated the distinctive look of the city's posters and turned them against the mayor with their own propaganda.

5. The results are amusing. Look at that bribe changing hands in the corner! The little government official is so happy to be getting his bribe/kickback money. Awww! Don't you just wish they could stay like that forever?

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