Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I was conflicted about taking a trip because the only thing lower than my bank balance is my blog readership. Zing!

Shit. I just zinged myself again. Oh well. At least not many people saw me do it.


Anyway, I reminded myself that I won't be in this country beyond April or May, that things aren't going to get any cheaper or any closer, and that, in the end, I've never regretted spending money on travel — even though I'm still paying for my European wanderings 10 years ago in the form of student loans.

I'll get back to Salta like I said I would, but I should start from the beginning.

My trip started in Córdoba, which I reached after a 10-hour overnight bus ride from Buenos Aires.

I spent two days in Córdoba because it was halfway between Buenos Aires and Salta and because it is arguably Argentina's second city.

It was a nice place to spend a few days, but I wasn't blown away by it.

Still, Córdoba does have some nicely preserved historical architecture in the form of a cathedral (above) and some churches (below).

And the jacaranda trees were in bloom.

As I wondered the city, searching for meaning and purpose in my visit, an ice cream sign came into focus. Just like the meaning and purpose of my visit. And my propensity for cheap narrative devices.

Mmm . . . footsicle. Full of footy goodness.

From Córdoba, I took a 12-hour overnight bus to Salta, which is where I will pick up next time.


Wobbly Librarian said...

Aw, we're lurking.
Travel can never be replaced. The memories remain.

Anonymous said...

Hardly a glowing report from Córdoba, but at least we know that those with a foot fetish are welcome.

Dan said...

Hahaha... Right.

Well, the people I've known who've gone to Córdoba have gone for the hiking outside the city and have liked it.

But, you know, I wanted to see another Argentine urban center, so I went for the city itself. It was interesting enough for two days. I'm glad I checked it out. And, you know, because I did only spend two days there, it's entirely possible I missed some parts.

But overall I would go back to Salta before I went back to Córdoba.

Mnemosine said...

I like Cordoba!