Wednesday, November 14, 2007

At least there's no shortage of dulce de leche

In my last post, I mentioned the absurd shortage of coins in this country.

With the sweat from writing that last entry still dripping from my brow, I headed downstairs to buy food.

The shop two doors down has placed the following sign in its window:

Dear Customer,

For every 100 pesos in coins, we will give you one kilo of El Puente-brand dulce de leche.

Thank you very much.

I am so hoarding coins now.


Lor said...

Dulce the Leche is even becoming popular in Canada. Loblaws, a major supermarket chain has introduced Dulce de Leche this year. They even put a whole page explanation of where they found the recipe (in Argentina of course) and how it came into existence. Its quite informative. Especially since my own Argentinian parents didn't even know the story themselves.

Dan said...

Ha. Good story. (Here's the link in clickable form.)