Friday, June 15, 2007


When I said The World's First Expat Blog was going to be on hiatus, what I really meant to say was that The World's First Expat Blog was on hiatus until the Los Angeles Times Travel section published my article on ice cream in Buenos Aires.

Anyone who knows me, along with regular readers of this blog, will recognize that this article has been in the works for a while.

A cruel frozen mistress
A cruel frozen mistress, cont.
Six more flavors
Another scoop

Five months on, it's nice to finally have it come out.

Someone should tell the leggy model in the single (handout) photo they chose to use that there's an empty sofa behind her. She doesn't have to stand while she eats her ice cream.

I'm also amused that, online at least, they didn't run the sidebar to tell people where the hell these ice cream places are.

That's OK, though. Maybe it will mean more business for my ice cream tours. And more rice pudding ice cream for me.

(Now go read Fruit Slinger.)