Wednesday, December 12, 2007


When you consider how low I've set the bar for a post on this blog, it stretches credulity to say that there hasn't been anything worth posting for the last four days.

We did change presidents on Monday. But I was completing a wildly lucrative subtitling project, so I couldn't leave my apartment to watch the inaugural hoo-ha.

Fortunately by last night I was freed from the exigencies of my freelancing empire.

So I met up with fellow expat blogger Matt, who's in from Chile on a secret mission. He didn't say this, of course. But then, he wouldn't, would he?

He's not the first blogger I've met here.

I had a chance to meet Robert some weeks back. I think it's fair to say that he is twice the blogger I am — especially because he has two blogs.

In his first blog, line of sight , he writes a great deal about the architecture and history of Buenos Aires. His new blog AfterLife is dedicated to Recoleta Cemetery. If you've never read it, it's the best blog about a cemetery you've never read. It's particularly interesting because so much of what lies inside those cemetery walls is really about the history of the city and country outside the walls. (Robert, you can thank me later for the three hits these links will likely generate.)

Anyway, Matt and I had a good time last night. Mostly he sat quietly while I read aloud to him from my blog.

Somewhere amidst the fourth post on inflation — or was it ice cream? — he stopped me and talked a little about how he started his blog because there were really no English-language resources on his city, Valparaiso.

I told him I started mine for the typing practice.


Anonymous said...

"Twice the blogger." That's a definite first for me. Thanks for the props.

Tell you what... if one of those 3 hits you send my way buys a map, then I'll treat you to a bottle of wine. Deal?

Dan said...

Deal. I'll even let you have a glass.