Tuesday, January 2, 2007

First order of business

Very exciting news:

I have decided to get in on the ground floor of what I think will be a huge phenomenon -- blogging.

Now, a Google search reveals that there are already hundreds of blogs, so I cannot claim to be the first. But the genius of this blog is that so far no one has thought to blog about the experience of living in another country! (And when I say "another country," I mean a country other than the United States. Yes, I know, I was surprised there were other countries, too, but a Google search reveals that there are several dozen of them. I think being another country could be as big a phenomenon as blogging!)

Anyway, while there are relatively few blogs now, let's face it, most people are followers. And once word of this blog gets out, it's likely that more blogs will spring up.

And so to distinguish myself in what I suspect will eventually be a crowded field, an excellent name must be chosen for this blog. The current name -- "The World's First Expat Blog" -- is certainly in the running. Other names I have considered:

The Fruit Whisperer

Held Together By String

This last one is in reference to the idea that at times this country seems to be held together only by string. Well, string and meat. And sometimes I feel like I may hanging by a thread as well.

Suggestions for names may be posted in the comments. A few guidelines:

* Take your time. Please don't post the first thing that comes to mind because it will probably be crap and I don't want to have to berate you in a public forum.

* Nothing too clever or ridiculous. As a founding member of what I envision as a large community of bloggers -- perhaps someday numbering in the thousands -- my blog must command respect. I'm very flattered that Blogger has selected me to write on the Internet and the name must show that I take this honor seriously.


Team Bohaboy said...

The VERY FIRST thing that came to our minds was (drumroll please) . . .

The Gourmet Gypsy

Contrary to popular belief, our first thought doesn't suck. If this name isn't selected, this will be our first & last post. We trust you'll understand.

- Team Bohaboy*

* winners of the award for the first comment on your blog E! do we win a bushel of apples??

MPR said...

This is a fantastic idea. It's almost as though I can see another way of life right through my personal computer! Ric Romero would surely be proud. (Doesn't this thing link?) Anyway, thank you for creating this special spot in cyberspace. Oh! Name suggestions. I guess the Vaca que Fuma is already taken, so . . . how about "Fruits Abroad"? Too edgy, huh. Fruits and Veggies Abroad? Fruit Overboard? Good Marning Argentina? Don't Cry for Me, Mother Country? Oh. Well. You shouldn't take naming advice from someone who uses initials as a handle anyway.