Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy gnocchi day

Today, the 29th of the month, is when we take a moment to remember the pillowy potato dumplings in our lives. Won't you wish someone close to you a happy gnocchi day?

As for me, I had planned to eat gnocchi at lunch, but my top gnocchi restaurant options were closed for vacation and I did not feel like cooking in the heat of the afternoon.

So I saved the gnocchi for dinner. Around 7pm, I walked over to the best pasta shop in this part of town. I often don't go there on gnocchi day because the line is usually ridiculous. The shop is usually closed on Mondays, but because it is gnocchi day, it was open. Open but empty.

"There's no one here," I said to the woman behind the counter.

"They're all on vacation," she said.

On vacation and eating gnocchi, I hope.


Lor said...

We celebrate Gnocchi day every month. My Abuela makes the best ones too! Do you put money under the plate too?

Dan said...

I do now, yeah. At first I didn't know it was part of the custom! But don't worry -- I've straightened myself out.