Thursday, January 11, 2007

I [heart] freelancing

Would you please excuse a brief rant?

Subtitling studio: What is this invoice you sent us?

Me: It's for the work I did in November.

Studio: Well, which projects were they?

Me: You told me not to write the projects on the invoice, just the total.

Studio: Yes, but then you must send us an email telling us what projects they were.

Me: Well, look it up. They're the only two projects I did in November.

Studio: You're not the only person who works here, you know. ... Now, when can you turn in the most recent thing we sent you?

Me: What do you mean? The computer system says its due date is 19 January.

Studio: Never pay attention to the date in the system.

Me: What? Well. When do you need it?

Studio: Absolutely as soon as possible. As soon as you possibly can.

I am reminded of the axiom "Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two." And I will leave it to your imagination to decide which two they might have chosen.

I feel somewhat better now. Thank you.

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