Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rice pudding

Clearly, I am not afraid to tackle the big issues on this blog — the issues that other expat bloggers shy away from.

Today I am blowing the lid off of pudding cups.

I'm sorry. Did I say blowing the lid off of? It should be licking the lid of.

Today I am licking the lid of pudding cups.

Shortly after I moved here, I discovered there were no rice pudding cups in the stores.

I asked someone about this at the time and was told that every once in a while, a company would bring them on the market. They'd last for a while and then disappear from the shelves.

I am happy to say that their time has once again come, as I discovered at the local megamart the other day.

You're thinking: "What could be better?"

Well, you could add a little of that which makes everything better:

Dulce de leche.


Esteban said...

Ahh, so that's what comes after Fruit Slinger. If I may, a simple, yet daringly direct title for your blog trilogy's eventual publication: "Tales of the World's First Expat Fruit-Slinging Pudding Licker." I'm so glad you realized your dream, Dan. Only in (las) America(s)!

Sarah said...

My stomach is growling! You think you can get a pudding in the mail over to me without it spoiling?? :)