Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear dairy

Yesterday, for those keeping track at home, was the first warm, truly springlike day since I've been back. And it was pretty frickin' great. 

It came at a good time, too; lately I've been mired in fecklessness. I still kind of am. 

But this isn't the kind of blog where I talk about feelings.

It is the kind of blog where I talk about cheese.

So I will just say that the real bright spot came yesterday after I got rejected by an online food magazine. It was actually a lovely rejection — swift, kind and inviting. They encouraged me to pitch them more ideas so I logged onto their site and started reading their forums. Buried in there was a recommendation for a cheese shop across town started by a recent Italian immigrant.

It was in the Congreso neighborhood, half a dozen blocks from the Congress building itself. (Shown above in a rear view).

San Miguel makes all their own cheese on site. I picked up mozzarella for a pizza that night and a little wedge of smoked cheese studded with whole peppercorns.

It was a great diversion and a welcome reminder that, while no one has it harder than I do, there is always cheese.

My project for today is to pitch a few more story ideas. I also need to figure out how I can make a go of giving ice cream tours of Buenos Aires. This is not my idea, but it's a very good one. You'd take an ice cream tour with me, right? But how do I let other people know that they should?


Wobbly Librarian said...

Fantasy: Ice cream tour with son and his friend PLUS adequate change in pocket. That cheese with peppercorns sounds intriguing,too.

Anonymous said...

Nothing cures fecklessness like a bottle of wine. Or two.

I wasn't intending to be a stalker, but the cloudy image from what I guess is your balcony looked shockingly familiar. After some digging around in the files, I took similar pix in 2003 from someone who lived just a few blocks away from you. I won't tell you why exactly I was in his apartment. Ahem.

Email me & let's have a drink.