Saturday, October 6, 2007


You almost wouldn't know that there's a presidential election coming up in three weeks. Sure, there is propaganda up all over the place. But there's always propaganda up all over the place.

What caught my eye today wasn't really political propaganda. It was anti-political propaganda.

I spotted this sign posted on a tree in a park nearby. It stands out because it seems purely grass roots. It's not tied to a party. It's not tied to a candidate. It's a protest of an entire political system.

And what can I say? The Jiminy Cricket-Pinocchio conceit cracks me up.

What's wrong Pinocchio? Why are you so sad?

Jiminy Cricket, I was always famous for being the biggest liar in the world, but now any Argentine politician has me easily beat. They're such big liars that the very same politicians and the very same lies have governed the country for 40 years, voted in by the same people who have been tricked as always.

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