Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feed me

What is among the worst things you can say about a restaurant?

"It's terrible; don't eat there!"?


But at least as bad is, "You have to eat there! We had the best meal of our lives."

Because you know what a fan of low expectations I am. So an endorsement like that is just asking for trouble.

And yet, how can you ignore that recommendation? Especially when it comes from two seasoned travelers who make fine food their business.

What I'm trying to say is that a month ago I tipped off the Slow Food couple to a new restaurant I was starting to hear good things about, but had never been to.

They went and raved about it. Specifically, they termed it the best meal of their lives.

And, you know, maybe you think I shouldn't trust them. But I also keep reading good things about it online. And would the Internet lie to me?


So I'm going tonight.


Esteban said...

Is this entry just a ploy to draw comments from unsuspecting readers (some people will fall for anything)? I couldn't help but notice the last time you wrote about/cited a controversial assessment of Argentine cuisine, your comment count shot through the roof. Relatively speaking, of course. ;)

And aren't you worried about opening this apparently fantastic restaurant up to massive foreign invasion by mentioning it on TWFEB? Trying to beat the NYT to the punch???

Remember what Uncle Ben, or Jesus, or whoever said: "With great power comes great responsibility." Keep that in mind the next time you feel like blogging about food...

Dan said...

Inasmuch as the whole blog is a plot to draw comments from unsuspecting readers, yes. But at this point, I would suspect that most readers are suspecting. And yet some still comment — something for which I am grateful.

I'm not too worried about readers of this blog descending on the restaurant, no. I've only got one month left; my life is an open blog.