Monday, January 14, 2008

Worlds collide

An email from Paul landed in my inbox the other day.

(Some of you are thinking, "Who's Paul?" Others of you may be tempted to ask, "How is Lupe doing?" I can only answer the first question: Paul owns an orchard.)

Great news: Paul will employ me for a third season. As part of the deal, I demanded he help me find a real job. He agreed, but he had a condition of his own: I had to tell him what kind of job I wanted.

Can you believe that? The gall!

So I have to figure out what kind of job I want. Apparently "keen observer of the human condition and fruit" does not actually describe a job with a paycheck. So that's out.

The good news is that years of living with only the barest trickle of income means that money is not my top priority. Although, the job should definitely provide income. So blogging's out.

Anyway, yes, this post is related to Buenos Aires. Paul also told me that some Slow Food* honchos he knows are coming down to Buenos Aires and asked me if I'd be interested in showing them around a bit.

I have a book full of historically significant pizzerias, a head full of ice cream shops and a checklist of the city's notable bars and cafes. So I am looking forward to their visit.

* Slow Food is a group formed in reaction to the proliferation of fast food.

1 comment:

Matt said...

I reckon Chile would be a better place than Argentina for the slow food revolution. Service over here is appalling so no matter how fast or slow you want your food, it'll take a couple of hours in coming.

And a real job? Does writing a blog not count?