Thursday, March 29, 2007

Secret food, cont.

On the subject of the secret restaurant once again:

The idea of the food was that it should gather influences from Latin American cuisines, highlighting indigenous ingredients. It also meshed nicely with my half-assed vegetarian ways.

Shot of melon, rosemary honey and cachaça

Cachaça is a Brazilian sugarcane liquor, often seen in the mixed drink the caipirinha.

Nigiri causa topped with a halibut tartar, on marinated mushrooms and a huacatay ailoli

The causa is a Peruvian potato preparation, sort of stuffed mashed potatoes. In this case, it was presented like nigiri sushi would be, with a lump of potatoes where you would expect rice and the halibut tartar on top. Huacatay, new to me, was perhaps the single most interesting flavor of the night.

Spinach, figs, Paraguayan peanuts, goat cheese and arrope de chañar vinaigrette

Arrope means syrup/jelly and the chañar is a native thorny shrub with small berries.

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