Monday, March 17, 2008


I've been trying to sell myself all day. It makes me feel a little cheap and slightly dirty.

And after today, I'm not sure I wouldn't do better selling my blog by standing on a street corner in a long, pervish overcoat.

The best part of a rejection email in this case is when it reads: "Hi. Thanks for the pitch, but we're going to have to pass on your blog about fruit."

Well. Yeah. I mean, when you put it like that!


Esteban said...

Brand new money-making blog/article series pitch for ya:

Buenos Aires as a cheap bohemian getaway/artsy-fartsy ex-pat base. Don't forget to mention the Tango and Evita. Oh, and Italian food too cuz people eat that shit up (nyuh!).

You can feel free to move the words around each time, but the content absolutely must not change. Too many new things make readers uncomfortable. The important thing is to convey the comfort and stability that time in Argentina can offer potential visitors/residents.

And voilà (I can use French since Buenos Aires is like Paris, right?), a quick and easy way to earn a living. Since the dollar's tanking, there's really no reason to go back to the U.S. now anyway. Unless you think it could be the next Argentina?!


Why don't you just move to Japan? With canteloupes at $20 and watermelons at $40-50, you can make a fine living selling 'furutsu' (fruit) here.

Lor said...

But I love your fruit blog! I seriously do. Some people have no concept of what's interesting.

Dan said...

Thanks for that, Lor. I really do appreciate it.

Esteban, your comment contains two completely distinct trains of thought and just separates them with a few periods and that makes it all OK? Eesh.

SFO said...

But Dan. There surely must be somebody out there who’s interested. When I google “fruit+fetish” I get 140K hits (well after I disable Safesearch - apparently “fetish” is a bad word).

You could always don your cape, and leap around los Parques de Palermo. Handing out your business card of course. Maybe that would generate some interest.

Does this make me reader number 4?


Dan said...

You know, it would just figure that I would hit Reader No. 4 like a week before the whole blog folds.

And I want to thank you for mentioning the cape. Apparently everybody else thought that was totally normal?

SFO said...

About the cape. I guess we were all wondering whether it formed part of an ensemble with a spandex body suit and mask.

Maybe nobody mentioned it because it made you look fat ;-)

And I'm sure the girls (er, guys) in Palermo could give you some marketing advice about promoting and selling the unusual.

Or better yet, get mentioned in a NYT article with a link to your blog. I hear that can do wonders.