Monday, March 24, 2008

La Flor de Almagro

On some levels, La Flor de Almagro is an unmitigated disaster.

The neon sign chops its name to Flor de alma (poetic, yes, but not what they were going for). The interior is bathed in fluorescent flood-lighting. If you're lucky, the kids behind the counter are merely indifferent toward you.

Fortunately, it has an utterly redeeming quality, the mitigating factor: the ice cream. The banana split flavor — with large chunks of bittersweet chocolate, pieces of banana and a generous, gooey ribbon of dulce de leche — is a can't-miss.

Crema de higos con nuez (fig cream with walnuts) is another hit, with big pieces of figs.* Chocolate almendrado is fantastic as well — dark chocolate with chunks of candied almonds mixed in.

Along with Il Bombón, it's my favorite ice cream place. It's on Estado de Israel, about two blocks in from Corrientes, so it's a lot closer to me than either location of Il Bombón.

I can't state unequivocally that it's the best around because your neighborhood might have one that's just as good or maybe — maybe — better. But I'm confident that it's the best within walking distance, and my definition of walking distance is the better part of the city.

There is almost always an employee eating ice cream when I go. And the last few times I got a cuarto to go, the kid ran his finger around the lid to seal it and then quickly licked it clean — the finger, not the lid. It's that good.

I've mentioned La Flor de Almagro in passing before, but it deserves more than that. Because if you could only eat ice cream at one place in Buenos Aires, I would probably send you to La Flor de Almagro.

And then to Il Bombón for dessert.

* I once recommended this flavor and someone said to me: "Sounds kind of gross. Aren't figs kind of gross?" The only possible reply: "Figs are gross if you don't like figs."


Lor said...

I'm so excited about my upcoming trip to Argentina, I plan on eating lots and lots of ice cream. Nothing better.

Matt said...

so have you got around to eating at Wimpy on Rivadavia 1600 yet? One week and chocolate africano around and the frutilla and limon al agua...mix those two into a glass of chandon extra brut for a taste sensation, man...

Dan said...

Lor - Nothing better is right. I hope you have a great time. Are you spending much time in BsAs, or going more or less straight for Mendoza?

Matt - No Wimpy for me yet, no. I know, I suck. With the way things are going, it's likely to soon shift from my "things to do before I leave BsAs" list to my "reasons to come back to BsAs" list.

Lor said...

We are starting in Cordoba, as my Dad's father and sister live there. Then off to Mendoza to see the rest of my enormous family! During that time we celebrate my Abuela's 80th Birthday and a Wedding. My first Argentinian wedding. I hear they go all night.

Anonymous said...

yeah, thanks for taking me to flor almagro....dan's a great host. ahem. andrew

Dan said...

Ahem? ¿Cómo que "ahem"?

So fun as a houseguest, yet so cryptic as a commenter.

[On the OFF chance you think you didn't get ice cream from La Flor de Almagro, guess where that cuarto came from, bucko. :-p]

ratu said...


bella said...

i really wanna be there.