Saturday, March 8, 2008


There's a butcher not far from my apartment with an amazing variety of beasts for sale.

Llama, deer (including breaded deer cutlets), boar, frog, rabbit (including rabbit burgers), an ostrich-like bird called rhea, pig, pheasant, partridge, hare, a giant chinchilla-like rodent called viscacha, goat, duck.

Yeesh. Half that list sounds like someone went berserk at a petting zoo!

As to any of you wondering whether people actually eat these things, the answer is sure, sort of. Few of these critters are terribly common in Buenos Aires. But a lot of them are more popular in regional and/or rural cuisine.


Valentine Michael Smith said...

Where, exactly, is this butcher, if you don't mind my asking? I'd really like some venison, and perhaps a few other non-standard (or at least non-cow/pig) meats.

Lor said...

Bunny burgers? that just sounds completely wrong, on so many levels.

Dan said...

The bunny burger butcher is on Lavalle, about 3500.